A weekend in Las Vegas. 
Two thoughts this week:
1. I don't understand how people have the time to have a blog, instagram, pinterest and facebook (not to mention the other social media outlets people dapple in). I am only half religious with my instagram and my blog suffers neglect till I feel guilty about every 3 months. Plus most of these people have a real life (you know kids, a job, a puppy...). I only have a job and a husband I see between late night study sessions and early morning class. I don't know if I am impressed or what.
2. Well now #2 isn't really going to make sense. I was going to say that even though I am an English major, I hate writing on this blog. However, I wrote a paragraph above this statement so it just sounds dumb. But really, I don't like writing on blogs. Give me a research essay any day, but this, no.