Christmas Eve Matthew & I were able to go to Pearl Harbor, Something both of us had wanted to do:

The Drive there was Beautiful!

 We were able to go on a submarine:

Matt looked for Enemy Planes

 Then we took a boat to the Arizona Memorial. I was surprised that it was Free.

You could still see the ship under the Water.

 Then we went to the Aviation Museum, which was really cool.

The Original Radio Tower was still there and you could see all the bullet holes... 

It was a really fun day and we finally got it checked off our Hawaii Checklist {mostly my Hawaii checklist}

My Attempts at Christmas in Hawaii... 2 Days before.


I went home to Fresno for a few days for my best friends wedding... 

she looked stunning. Her wedding was beautiful too. I can't believe she is finally married!!

I was home for a few days and spent time with the family (excluding Maddie+Tyler and my Matthew) it was fun and it felt like Christmas (since the weather in Hawaii is quite warm)

I spent the few days with my family before Christmas watching lots of Christmas movies...

And I stared into these pretty puppy eyes. 


We had a little flood scare a couple weeks ago... but everything turned out fine. Matt was mostly telling me to stop taking pictures... so I only got a few blurry ones before I picked up a bucket of my own.