Waiting to start a new adventure...
Our whole lives fit in those bags. Sweet or Sad?


Just a couple of shots from our last week on the beautiful island of Oahu. We are both going to miss the sun and the friends 
but we are also ready for a new adventure in Salt Lake 
(well he may be more ready than I am... but I am getting there!!) 

**My first goal is to find a sushi place that does a veggie roll like Banzai**


We found a baby bird on the way home from the beach {I almost stepped on him!} we gave him some jelly roll and made sure no one stepped on him till his mommy came and got him. {really. his mom came and got him}

Goodbye little birdie! Be safe.


For our last Sunday here, Matthew and I decided to take a few pictures at the temple

We are going to miss seeing the beautiful Laie temple from our front door.
It is such a gorgeous temple.


Memorial Day was more than perfect.
Spent with good friends and lots of food right on the beach.

Why are we leaving again?