My wonderful Grandparents asked me to take their picture for their Christmas Card. It was simple yet  fun. I love these two people so much. They have really been a blessing in my life. {Plus aren't they they most adorable couple?}

 Aw. I love them.


 My Thanksgiving was full of everything Thanksgiving should be filled with. {especially my tummy)


I came home from work on Wednesday to find huge pile of freshly raked leaves right in front of our apartment complex. Having been denied the TRUE Fall for several years... I knew there was only one thing to do. It took a while to convince Matthew but after a few fistful of leaves thrown at his face, he plunged right in. Those leaves were way too tempting to just SIT in them. (We didn't make too big of mess and put most of the leaves right back in the pile where we found them)


 Among the may perks of my new job {besides the paychecks I so enjoy} I work with pretty awesome people. People awesome enough to want to come into work 3 hours early so they can see the Leonids meteor shower from the roof. Sadly it was pretty cloudy so we weren't able to wish on any stars... but I did get some pretty good night shots. {and we got little star party favors}.

 I love my job.


The boy and I are quite spoiled here in Salt Lake, especially when it comes to being with family. Since both of my grandparents live here we had two Thanksgivings {yet somehow we didn't end up with any leftovers...?} So we had an early one with my mothers side. Tons of food, fun laughter and homework. Yes. Homework. bleh.  Besides the homework it was a pretty fun evening. I love this time of year!  {despite the weather} 

Happy Thanksgiving!!


One of my favorite things about Salt Lake is the many events that come here {unlike Hawaii}. I was pretty excited when I heard that The Sounds {and the Limousines!} were coming a while ago. So I made sure that Matthew and I were there early so we got front row {and I fought for it when it got pushy too}. It was probably one of my favorite concerts.

{Dang. Look how close I am! iPhone and everything.}


My parents and two little brothers came to Utah to come to a Football game {I went too... even though it was BYU (ick)}
It was a pretty fun time and my brothers {and cousins} got pretty into it. Matthew and I were the only ones that didn't go all out {mostly because I felt like it would betray the Utes}. But if you want to know the truth... it was pretty fun.
 And BYU won. {Hello they were playing Idaho State... I sure hope they won!}