Do you want to know the saddest thing? I have about a million pictures on my computer... but the pictures of my three sisters and I together is rare. That needs to be fixed pronto!! 

But more important than that... it's my twin sisters' birthday!! They are now 22!! Meg is on her mission and Maddie is married... oh how time flies. I love them both and I can't wait to have more adventures with them (and take more pictures!!)


Happy Birthday Little Brother!! I can't believe you are 15! Soon you will be driving cars {and not just jet-skis} and breaking hearts! 
Love you!! 


The next stop on our list was Now & Again. It had a lot of little interesting items, just not the ones we were looking for. We didn't spend too much time here, so I will definitely have to make another stop when I have more time {maybe on a lazy Saturday when I can ride my bike because it isn't too far from my apartment!}



Salt Lake City has a pretty good selection of consignment furniture stores {at least they look pretty good as Matthew and I drive past and I beg him to turn around so I can check them out}. I am always trying to find a good excuse to find my self exploring them but the lack of need and money leaves me no reason. Luckily I have this best friend who is moving soon and wanted to check out some places around town. {Yipee!} So I wrote down a list of a couple I wanted to check out and away we went. 
The first was Elemente {which is located  at 353 Pierpont Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84101}. It was a pretty decent place full of little treasures. However it was pretty dark inside so I think most of the treasures were left undiscovered. There are a lot of quirky pieces and something for everyone {if you don't take yourself too seriously}. It's right next to Gateway Shopping Center in this small alleyway but beware... it doesn't open till noon!

Aren't they adorable?
My shopping companions for the day. 


Nothing better than gelato on a warm winter/spring...ish day. Yum! 

{This weather here is way too confusing for me. I miss the simple days of Hawaii when the weather was always warm and a little wet... a perfect 82 degrees.}


Happy 50 Years!

Today is my dad's 50th birthday... and I feel like that calls for an extra special present. So I decided to gather 50 of the closest people to him and send them all a letter with a card and another envelope in it. The letter asked them to write something special about my dad on it and then send it in the other envelope (which already had his address and a stamp so it was super easy for them to send it). So hopefully he will get 50 cards from people who love and care for him (one for each year)!! Here is an example of what I sent below... 

The letter and the an example of the cards I sent (each had a number 1-50 on them)

And here is the man himself! 

 Isn't he awesome with a beard?!


Read First:
My little sister Meghan is currently in Ecuador (serving an LDS mission) and my parents decided to take the whole family this up coming Christmas after she gets back. We are all excited, that is all of us but my little 13 year old brother Logan. Meghan has had the usual experience of getting her camera stolen, being pick-pocketed and even chased by several crazy men and we have heard all of them in her letters. While this incidents are not so fun, they seem simply terrifying to a young boy (even if he is taller than most of us).  He really does not want to go to Ecuador because he is afraid he will get mobbed or shot, and he made it very clear to Meghan in this letter that it is her fault if that happens...

I love how he calls them "little people" and then moves on to his basketball... typical. 
I sure do love my brothers.