Read First:
My little sister Meghan is currently in Ecuador (serving an LDS mission) and my parents decided to take the whole family this up coming Christmas after she gets back. We are all excited, that is all of us but my little 13 year old brother Logan. Meghan has had the usual experience of getting her camera stolen, being pick-pocketed and even chased by several crazy men and we have heard all of them in her letters. While this incidents are not so fun, they seem simply terrifying to a young boy (even if he is taller than most of us).  He really does not want to go to Ecuador because he is afraid he will get mobbed or shot, and he made it very clear to Meghan in this letter that it is her fault if that happens...

I love how he calls them "little people" and then moves on to his basketball... typical. 
I sure do love my brothers.