Matt and I are finally reaching the end of our days here in Hawaii. We only have about 2 more weeks left until we move on to a new adventure- so we are trying to make every weekend count.

One of my friends offered her season pass for the PCC because we hadn't been yet. It was really a neat experience (especially because it was free)

We saw a couple of culture floats

Saw a man climbing a tree

 Took a canoe ride to dinner

Which was AMAZING 

 It was a pretty good day.

 {P.S. Those signs I am standing under... I made them}


Last Week we went to Shark's Cove to snorkel with some friends (Cheka + Maki)


 The Beach was beautiful and the day was perfect.

 Matt got a sponge-bob ice cream ("Just like the ice cream truck sells!" he exclaimed) and I got a sunburn (sorry no pictures of that) 

After 3 years in Hawaii I still burn. Will my skin ever have that golden hue?


Making Chicken-Bacon Sushi...

I have been trying to slowly convince myself that sushi is good (trying to be a good wife to the boy). So far I have gotten used to the seaweed taste thanks to this lovely version of sushi. It basically just has chicken and bacon in it (sometimes I add some veggies). I am getting ready to try more fishy sushi but for now I made my version for the boy for the first time.

I think he liked it.