I would give anything to be in the Pacific Ocean today {or any ocean really}

Miss you Laie. Do you miss me?


 I just got my wisdom teeth out this weekend. So I have been taking plenty of pain-meds and staying on a liquid diet. My head is spinning... 
 and all I want is something to eat!! 


 I am trying to be very good about keeping a strict budget and really watch what we purchase
{school is expensive these days!}

But sometimes I can't help but splurge. Especially on these delicious looking raspberries (I passed by them three times before I actually purchased them at Farmer's Market- and it was a steal of a price}. I don't regret it one bit. Especially when they are sooo good. 

 And I get sad I'm down to the last one.


Do you remember that darling little Pixar movie "UP"? And the cute little house that traveled halfway around the globe? Well it actually exists. And it exists in Utah too {who would of guessed?} So Matthew and I {we love that movie} traveled the 45 min to Herriman to visit the replica. It seriously looks exactly like it too {they took a little liberties with rooms they don't show in the movies but it still fits really well} Here is a movie they show on it... it's not very good but it shows you the rooms and stuff.
 This is the outside front without the balloons
{they put a bunch of balloons attached to the chimney on the weekends}
 Even the mailbox looks perfect!
You have Ellie's chair {I want one}
And Carl's chair {with the adventure book right by it!}
 Their savings for Paradise Falls...
 And their little collection {right on the dot}
 They also had a little boys room that was designed after Andy's room {it says Jack because he was the benefit of the Make A Wish foundation}
 The babies room that Ellie Painted
 Their Bedroom and Bathroom
 And the kitchen {which is one of my favorites... I want all of those appliances!!}
 And their pretty car.
And we saw Carl and Russell sitting on the front steps and we couldn't help but take a picture with them.

It was a darling house. I can't wait to build a dream house of my own!!


 Ever since I was little we have spent one week every summer at Island Park at my Grandparents cabin. We go fishing and tubing, we ride the jet skis and we have campfire stories. All the cousins splash around and plays tricks on each other while the parents relax and talk story. I love it and look forward to it every year. The cabin hasn't changed a bit.

 {my brothers are the best. they have grown up so fast!!}
 Till the next reunion
 {craziness and all}


The Start of the Fogg Reunion
{Island Park, ID}


Spending time with my beautiful cousin Amber in West Yellowstone before the Fogg Reunion

She is as beautiful as she is fun. 


The Plewe Family Reunion

Donuts + Gravesites + Giant Pizza + Relays + Kickball