Last weekend Matthew and I went to REDFEST with my sister and her honey. Luckily Matthew gets free tix to it... and I will never turn down a FREE CONCERT!! And yes I had fun. 
Then the next day we sorta beat those BYU Cougars. 
{even though Tyler and Maddie were sure they were going to crush us}

 Yay Concerts!!


My Mr. Handsome.

It was about this time that Mr. Matthew and I started dating 6 years ago in high school. 
Wow. I can't believe it's been that long.


 The other day Matthew and I went out to dinner with some of our good friends. We went to Frida's Bistro, a little artsy Mexican restaurant.  We were a little skeptical about the place because it's in the middle of nowhere. But it was amazing! The food was really good and pretty filling {Matthew and I shared a dish and we still left pretty satisfied}. It is kind of expensive so we would only go back for something special... but I sure am looking forward to it!!


This past weekend was the Greek Festival in Salt Lake City.  Matthew and I were able to tour the Greek Orthodox church and then have amazing Greek food. It was a good Saturday.

The best part was obviously the Gyro and Baklava. Mmmm. 


Remembering 9/11 and where I was 10 years ago.


Guess who got new glasses?! Me! I have been waiting and waiting for them to finally get here. I saw them in Paris and I fell in love. I looked everywhere for them thinking that it was a European only thing. LUCKILY my dad's optical shop {the best optical shop ever} had them so I ordered them right away!

 I love them to death. They have that vintage cat-eye look without going too overboard. And the tortise frame is classic. I am usually not a fan of the new Ray Bans because they are cheaply made and have lost their quality. BUT I couldn't resist. Maybe my opinion of Ray Ban is changing?

Can you tell I love them?


Oh Labor Day. There were so many things I wanted to do for Labor Day and so many people I wanted to see... but I ended up going to Lagoon with my sister Maddie and her husband Tyler. {how can you turn down free tix from your loving Nana?} I thought it was going to be super crowded... but surprise surprise... it was actually pretty empty. The longest wait was like 6 minutes and 23 seconds and that was once. We had tons of fun. It was both Matt and Tyler's first time to Lagoon {and Matt and I's first time to a theme park together}. The weather was perfect {nice and cool} and the company was better {nice and cool}.  I just wish that Labor Day was more like Labor Week.


When Matthew and I moved to Hawaii we were really excited to go {duh. who wouldn't be?!} but we realized that we wouldn't be able to take most of our wedding presents. We suffered through that hard year of sunshine and frequent beach trips {it really is perfect} and eventually when we got back to the mainland we were able to re-open all our wedding presents {and it really was better the second time because we appreciated them A TON more now that we had lived without little convinces like that. You never realize how nice it is to have a stocked kitchen until you don't have a stocked kitchen. One of the things I was most excited for was our Pistachio Green Kitchen Aid. {I wasn't too crazy about the color at first but Matthew really wanted it and now I love the color... it's perfect for our kitchen and style}. It took me a while to finally buy enough ingredients to make chocolate cookies... but I finally did it!!  
The cookies were amazing! I used this recipe and they turned out divine. I even messed up a ton {like putting a tablespoon instead of teaspoon on most of the ingredients} and they were still amazing. 
And I couldn't of done it with out ol' Pistachio. {but seriously. have you ever tried to make cookies without a mixer? Impossible.}