I was doing really good with the Birthday things... but school started and it went downhill (yes I graduated but I have one more class to take so I am still in school)

It was my Matty's birthday on Monday. And so I threw him a little party (we are trying to spend more time with friends since we leave in about a month!!) and it was a lot of fun. 

I didn't get very many pictures (ok I didn't get any at all) because our little studio apartment was so full of people and fun I didn't have time or even think about it.

However at the last minute I realized I needed to capture the moment and gathered everyone who was left for a group picture



Our good friend Ryan gave Matthew a new Fuji S100 camera (one that he has been dying to get) and Matthew has been taking a few pictures with it.
These are some of the pictures that he took from our hike Saturday to Maunawili's waterfall. It was one of the most beautiful hikes I've ever been on...


It had rained the night before so it was muddy... so instead of getting our shoes dirty we just decided to go barefoot!! We were filthy and happy.


This weekend I was in a sea of black...

Yay me!! 

Now on to Graduate School!!


This semester Matthew was in a sewing class. He gave me these reasons for why he was taking the class
1. So he could tailor his own clothes {he loves the tailored look}
2. It would make him a better surgeon {you know... giving stitches...}

I am not sure about the second one but for the final project he had to sew his something wearable and have a fashion show.  He started out with a cool pair of Madras shorts- but realized that it was going to be too hard so we went back to the fabric store to find something new.

 So we took the bus to Kaneohe

And ended up at the local fabric store

He looked for the perfect fabric

and when he found it... we walked back home

What did he make? A snuggie of course!!

He says, "It's the latest fashion to his such high-end stores such as K-mart and Walmart"

Such an interesting child.


Finally Made it to the Beach...

And it turned into a Soccer Saturday

Both Beach Soccer

And Street Soccer...

Beautiful Weekend.


Last but not Least... my dear Mother's birthday.

Love her tons and can't wait to see her soon!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!