This semester Matthew was in a sewing class. He gave me these reasons for why he was taking the class
1. So he could tailor his own clothes {he loves the tailored look}
2. It would make him a better surgeon {you know... giving stitches...}

I am not sure about the second one but for the final project he had to sew his something wearable and have a fashion show.  He started out with a cool pair of Madras shorts- but realized that it was going to be too hard so we went back to the fabric store to find something new.

 So we took the bus to Kaneohe

And ended up at the local fabric store

He looked for the perfect fabric

and when he found it... we walked back home

What did he make? A snuggie of course!!

He says, "It's the latest fashion to his such high-end stores such as K-mart and Walmart"

Such an interesting child.