The boy and I took a little trip down to Vegas the other weekend and met up with my family. It wasn't just for shopping... but to see my cousins preform in "The Wizard of Oz". Let me just say I have some pretty talented cousins. They were amazing!!
Why yes I did know the star of the show. We are actually related. 
(Isn't she gorgeous?!) 
 As well as these cute little stars.
 This is my favorite. I love that he is trying not to smile... but he is so pleased to be so close to someone famous (even if it is his cousin)

It was honestly amazing. Even if I didn't know any of the cast members. It was well worth the trip. 


 Last week, the boy and I tried another local restaurant in SLC. We decided we might not be here too long and we should stop eating at chains (which are everywhere) and try places that only SLC has to offer. This place is called "Moochies" and it's right down the street from us. We pass it quite often and always say "We should try that place" (as I say to many places that we pass by). Well we finally tried it and loved it! It is just a small shack of a place but it sure was PACKED! It seem like everyone else knew about this little secret that we were just discovering. 
The boy had the Meatball Marinara and I just got the regular Philly Cheese Steak (which they are known for) and they were both really good. Just make sure you grab a lot of napkins for the Meatlball because it is MESSY! I also love how they wrap them- it's just the little things you know? 

 So if you are ever in Salt Lake and ever want a pretty awesome Philly Cheese Steak... I would definitely suggest this place. (Keep in mind that I am not a PCS connoisseur... I mean can you even hyphenate it like that?... and this is just my humble oppinon. But I did learn it was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, so it can't be too bad.