I am officially an auntie... well as of April 5th. This little munchkin is Chloe McLemore. She was a whopper of a baby at 10lbs 11oz (or somewhere around there). These were basically taken the day after she was born, which means she is a full grown human being now. Yesterday, Chloe even started writing a full length novel based on her voluminous tresses.
But seriously. Look at that hair. Shampoo commercials right there. 

And the proud mama. 
**disclaimer: I put that headband in Maddie's hair... she hated it but I thought it looked adorable, and it matched her baby.


Matthew and I finally bought our dream car, a 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. We are in love with it. Matt and I constantly fight over who wanted it first. (I'm pretty sure I did. I saw it in a TH ad and told Matt it was my dream car... then he copied me.) It's in amazing condition for a twenty-five year old car. We are saving up to have it painted either hunter green or navy blue and yes, we plan on keeping the wood (you would be surprised on how many people ask that). It's one of those cars we want to have for a long time. Matt loves it so much he even let me snap a couple of photos of it.


 (One of Matt's favorite part of this car is the Vanderbilt Medical School sticker. You can see a glimpse of it in the corner of the picture above.)

Aren't they just grand?!


Remember that one time that I went to visit my BFF Jocelyn in San Fransisco?! Well of course you don't, I haven't blogged about it yet. So here it is. 

I went to San Fransisco for my birthday/Jocelyn's birthday. I left with only two regrets 1) I didn't take any pictures of her amazing apartment and am totally bummed about it. Seriously. She has the most awesome place. I love it. 2) The pictures of her and I are also limited. It was basically because we were having way too much fun to stop and document it. But don't worry, I totally remember it without pictures. My favorite part was walking our dogs (mine was a rent-a-dog) along the streets in our colorful skirts. We probably looked like the two most happy people in the world. And we were. 

But here are some other photos to prove I really was in San Fransisco when I should of been working. 

 This is Stanley. The cutest Westie in the world. We snuggled.

 This was my adopted dog Muffin (I actually forgot her real name). For some reason I have a billion photos of her and none of my real best friend.

We also went to a Vintage Market were there were a ton of cool things. Something I really want to go back to.
 If I had room for some of these awesome things in my apartment, they definitively would of been going home with me (especially that Victorian couch)!

 Oh look! Here is a picture of Joce and I! Isn't it so crisp and clean? It was at a bonfire at the beach where Jocelyn put up with my bad mood. This is why we are best friends.


Doing some catch-up work with this oh-so-awesome blog of mine... so bear with me. 

A LONG time ago (a few months ago), I did a little photoshoot for one of the most beautiful couples I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Luckily she was my cousin (and he was my soon-to-be cousin) so I was pretty used to their beauty. It was such a grand time and they sure made my job easy. They were married in May and it was a beautiful wedding, but here are the engagement pictures for now.

 Aren't they just grand?!