My lovely sister {who lives in Provo}put on a small intimate Halloween party in her basement. I whipped up some quick invites and helped her decorate her already festive apartment. We played Halloween games and everyone brought a yummy Halloween treat.

 Matt and I were OBVIOUSLY the Zombies from "Super 8" {my new favorite movie}. Don't let Matthew fool you... he does know how to act like a Zombie. 

 We had Pirates, People from that show "Revenge", High School {?}, and Milk+Oreo.

I love Halloween!


Our good friend Ryan's birthday was last Sunday and a couple of friends gathered together at his sister's place and had a yummy BBQ. It was really nice to catch up and spend some time with good friends. {Plus Ryan and Mayra are so cute together}


Made the most amazing peanut butter brownie cups the other day. I was pretty proud of myself {especially with my reputation as a baker}. This is the recipe and it is to die for.


Matthew and I decided to drive up the canyon to Park City to see all the pretty colors of the trees and maybe do a little shopping. While the trees were starting to turn they weren't at their full color yet, but they were still pretty. It was a nice day and I got some pretty good pieces from J.Crew. Love that place.



I got my first pay check from my new job and I was so excited!! Matty took me on a special date and he let me choose. I am always up for trying a new place and especially a new Thai restaurant. So we went down the street to Sawadee and it was actually pretty good. The service was quick and friendly and the food was quick. I ordered the Pad Thai which was good (not the best I've had) and Matthew ordered the Cashew Chicken. He didn't care for it but I found the flavor interesting and pretty good. Bur overall it was a good date (maybe because he was so handsome)



A couple weekends ago (yeah yeah I'm way behind) my Nana and Papa took Matthew and I to Mary Poppins on Broadway... well Utah's version of Broadway. It was really fun and nice to spend time with the Grandparents.


So I have been a pretty busy girl these past few days but luckily last weekend my best friend and her honey came down to go to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake.  We saw some pretty interesting things... and I'm not just talking about the animals. Let's just say I have never seen so many bodily functions from such a variety of animals. 

 We first thought that the little baby elephant was doing some fancy circus tricks...

But as we watched a little longer... we figured out he had alternative motives to his activity

And after the Zoo we went to "The Red Iguana" which was a really good Mexican restaurant {surprised I'm saying that?}. So basically a good day all around.

PS. Sorry it took me so long Joce!