Skateboards and Skaters.

Another one of my favorite things.


Family Picnic and Backyard Baseball.

 Perfect Summer Afternoon? I would say yes.


Another benefit of living in Salt Lake (and particularly where WE leave in SLC) are the wonderful places to eat.  Paradise Bakery and Cafe is another wonderful restaurant (there are many locations in Utah but we prefer the one in Sugarhouse because it's just down the street. It has great sandwiches (I like the Chicken Walnut) and the best part is they give you a warm delicious chocolate chip cookie with it. 

Doesn't that look delicious?


The Iceberg. One family tradition in Salt Lake City. The Iceberg has huge shakes and wonderful crispy fries. However the best is always the company.

We eventually had to say goodbye to Paris (Though I wish we could of stayed at Versailles) and move on to real life.

Goodbye Paris. Hello Salt Lake.


On to Paris. 
What can I really say? It was wonderful and the perfect way to spend our one year anniversary. We had picnics under the Eiffel Tower and toured the streets. Lovely. Sadly all I had was a icamera (can the iphone cameras be called that? I think they deserve their own name).

I went for my first time about 2 years ago with some girlfriends... it was pretty but I thought it was overrated. However going with your lover is a different story. Not so overrated.


After Sweden the boy and I traveled to Berlin. We had both heard such great things about it and were excited to go. We were only there for a couple of days but loved it. We got to see a lot of history like the Berlin Wall and Holocaust sites. And I also found THE COOLEST camera shop. Love.