We had a lovely week in California with both my parent's and Matt's parents... but now we had to make the long drive back to Salt Lake to catch a plane to fly to a wedding in Sweden. We started on Sunday to give us an extra day... you know... just "in case"

 It started out lovely and uneventful... until I took a turn at the wheel. My car rebelled (traitor) and decided to make funny noises and jerking motions until we had to pull over to the side of the road where it died completely.

After SEVERAL calls we finally got a tow truck to tow us to the nearest city, which happened to be Elko, NV which was an hour away from where are car stubbornly sat on the highway and 4 hours from Salt Lake (our destination)
Since it was a Sunday night there weren't any mechanics shops open. The only thing we could do was check into the cheapest (and crappiest) motel and wait until morning. We grabbed some pizza and hoped the car would be fixed in the early morning. 

But we weren't that lucky...

Our engine was dead. Like take it to the graveyard. It would take several days to fix and we would need to order a new engine. I had no idea what to do. We had to be on a plane in 12 hours that left from Salt Lake City

Luckily I have the best grandparents that live in Salt Lake. They rented a U-haul, drove the 4 hours, picked us up (and the car) and drove back to Salt Lake.

But in those four hours we were waiting for the grandparents... we decided to explore the small town and take silly pictures to pass the time. 

The good thing is that we made it on the flight (we cut it real close and forgot to pack A LOT of things) plus Matty found a cool vintage tie pin while I got a sunburn (and a little ladybug friend on my shirt)