My mom and youngest brother came into town last week and we were so happy to see them!! As luck would have it, the Fresno Grizzlies decided to drop by Salt Lake also and have a little run-in with the Bee's. So we HAD to buy tickets and invite everyone we knew... well all those who were related to us. Half of us rooted for the Fresno Grizzlies and other half for the Salt Lake Bees. My mom was torn and just decided to root for whoever was at bat (let's just say she confused a lot of people). Pretty sure it was the best game of my life. And Fresno won.
The Gang {except Matt}
(Does he even look 13?!}
 {Probably my favorite picture. Father and Son teaching moment.}
 Go Team!!


Do you want to know what my guilty pleasure is?

Yup. A fresh baguette (the one pictured is the garlic loaf from Costco. Yummy!!) and oil with balsamic vinegar. I love love love balsamic vinegar. Flavored or plain I love it all. The boy thinks it's gross and can't stand the smell so I only get it when I think I really deserve it. Plus when I have it I really can't stop myself and I over indulge... so it has to be a rare occasion.

But seriously. The best.


Matt's siblings came to visit us in Salt Lake over memorial weekend and unfortunately it was a pretty rainy weekend (of course until the minute they left and then it was sun sun sun). Because the weather decided to be so crappy, we decided to visit the Utah Natural History Museum. It is a pretty cool little museum, especially for a rainy day.   

I wish they could visit more often!!