Happy Birthday to my Two Best Friends

Meghan and Maddie. 

 You two always seem to look better than me.

(even if you do like Twilight)

Can't wait to have more fun times with you!! 

Love you.


March is my families birthday month... it starts with my dad, then me, and today is my baby brother's 14th birthday!!

Happy Birthday T-Mac

Thanks for letting me take pictures of you constantly. 

You're such a cool brother and I love you tons!!


Happy {almost} Birthday to me. 

Recieved a lovely homemade package from my Grandma. 

It was the best popcorn I have ever tasted. 



This is where I was for last year's Tsunami... 3am driving to Gunstock Ranch

We got to see the Sunrise.... 

and then stay up in the mountains (it was so hot) and wait...

Twelve hours for a Tsunami that never came...

( I was starving) 

THIS YEAR ... Matt and I didn't panic. We just slept through the sirens.

and it never came...

 (This picture was not taken the day of the Tsunami... but previously)


To the Best Doctor I Know...

Happy Birthday Dad. 
I Love you. 


Well its official....
We are going to Salt Lake City so Matt can Attend the University of Utah

 Here he is sitting on the steps of his new school just one year ago when he applied... 
Look how happy he is just thinking of all the snow he will have to tread through.

And we can't forget...
That around that same time Matt and I were taking care of little Tyler my soon-to-be and now-is brother.


Recieved a fresh bunch of Lemons from my Boss {and yes they are a special kind of lemon not limes}

Its been so gorgeous and sunny out.
Yesterday was a stressful Monday {aren't they all?}

 When Matt and I got to the library after a long day {and tons of studying ahead of us} I realized that a pen had been poking out of my backpack and scribbled all over my favorite cream-colored shirt {it wasn't just a few marks... but ALL OVER my lower back}. I actually started crying {I shed about 2 tears when I realized I was in a public place and this wasn't the sort of thing to start crying about}. Matt gave me a hug and led me back home where he took my beautiful and ruined shirt...

And washed away every trace of that pen... 

Imagine that whole area black with pen... now all gone.

And he did it all using hairspray and rubbing alcohol... I never knew. 

{He knows the most interesting things}