Remember that one time that I went to visit my BFF Jocelyn in San Fransisco?! Well of course you don't, I haven't blogged about it yet. So here it is. 

I went to San Fransisco for my birthday/Jocelyn's birthday. I left with only two regrets 1) I didn't take any pictures of her amazing apartment and am totally bummed about it. Seriously. She has the most awesome place. I love it. 2) The pictures of her and I are also limited. It was basically because we were having way too much fun to stop and document it. But don't worry, I totally remember it without pictures. My favorite part was walking our dogs (mine was a rent-a-dog) along the streets in our colorful skirts. We probably looked like the two most happy people in the world. And we were. 

But here are some other photos to prove I really was in San Fransisco when I should of been working. 

 This is Stanley. The cutest Westie in the world. We snuggled.

 This was my adopted dog Muffin (I actually forgot her real name). For some reason I have a billion photos of her and none of my real best friend.

We also went to a Vintage Market were there were a ton of cool things. Something I really want to go back to.
 If I had room for some of these awesome things in my apartment, they definitively would of been going home with me (especially that Victorian couch)!

 Oh look! Here is a picture of Joce and I! Isn't it so crisp and clean? It was at a bonfire at the beach where Jocelyn put up with my bad mood. This is why we are best friends.