Do you remember that darling little Pixar movie "UP"? And the cute little house that traveled halfway around the globe? Well it actually exists. And it exists in Utah too {who would of guessed?} So Matthew and I {we love that movie} traveled the 45 min to Herriman to visit the replica. It seriously looks exactly like it too {they took a little liberties with rooms they don't show in the movies but it still fits really well} Here is a movie they show on it... it's not very good but it shows you the rooms and stuff.
 This is the outside front without the balloons
{they put a bunch of balloons attached to the chimney on the weekends}
 Even the mailbox looks perfect!
You have Ellie's chair {I want one}
And Carl's chair {with the adventure book right by it!}
 Their savings for Paradise Falls...
 And their little collection {right on the dot}
 They also had a little boys room that was designed after Andy's room {it says Jack because he was the benefit of the Make A Wish foundation}
 The babies room that Ellie Painted
 Their Bedroom and Bathroom
 And the kitchen {which is one of my favorites... I want all of those appliances!!}
 And their pretty car.
And we saw Carl and Russell sitting on the front steps and we couldn't help but take a picture with them.

It was a darling house. I can't wait to build a dream house of my own!!