we spent all new year's eve day at the beach {yes i got very burned}

we watched the sun go down on the very last day of 2010...

And then the real party began. It was pure chaos. one boy had fireworks attached to his bike and was just riding around like it was nothing... {the next two pictures are from when he passed us.}

the smoke from all the fireworks was so thick... matt told me this is what the end of the world would look like... but not as colorful. 

the fireworks lasted forever... i never thought they would end.

{i semi-hoped they never would}

it was a wonderful new year celebration.

 for new years day we slept in late and then made tons of french toast and chocolate milk...

Then went on a beautiful drive...

and ended up at the aquarium! 

the shark tank was my favorite... or maybe the jellyfish were. not sure. there were tons of cool exhibits

after we went to a movie {the tourist... not so amazing} and then called it a night... 

wonderful wonderful weekend