There are a billion pictures... but I am finally at my last post of Ecuador. 
Puyo was amazing and the Amazon Jungle and River was just how I imagined it. It was green and hot and muggy with a million little creatures at every turn. The whole experience was right out of National Geographic and one that I will never forget. 

It was so full of beauty and life. 

The water was so refreshing after such a long and muggy hike. I was so proud of Maddie doing it while she was 6 months pregnant!

Of course Matt and I had to stop and play with near-by puppies.

Green as far as you can see

Fresh Fish. Yuck

Termite Hut! 
I was surprised that they smelled like wood... but it totally makes sense!
So proud of her! 

Canoeing down the Amazon River. It was right out of National Geographic. 

Love this place. I hope to return soon!